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Does God have a bad memory?

Does God have a bad memory?  Click here for the latest bible Study, titled God’s Bad Memory.

Temptation Bible Study

A new Bible Study on Temptation is now up on the site. I hope it is useful to some.

New Bible Studies Posted

I finally got around to posting a bunch of Bible study notes on the site.  They can be found here. I hope they are useful to someone.

Angels Bible Study

Inspired by the recent news story of the mysterious ‘angel priest‘ who appeared at the car wreck scene of 19-year-old Katie Lentz (it turned out to be a priest from the Jefferson City, MO Diocese), I decided to do a Bible study on angels.

While in this specific instance it turned out to be a human acting-as-an-angel, there are spiritual beings who watch out for and protect believers in Christ. This is a very short study, merely an outline to whet your appetite, but hopefully will get you interested in studying more on this amazing subject.

Click here for the study.


New Bible Study – Gospel of John

The Gospel of John is simply a wonderful book and I hope that this Bible Study on John will help people have a closer relationship with Christ. John’s Gospel is especially useful reading for new Christians and un-believers, but it certainly has alot for those who have been following Jesus for years as well!


Bible Translations Bible Study

A new Bible Study on Bible Translations is available here. As always, please let me know if it is useful to you and your constructive criticism.

Revelation 8 Week Bible Study

The outline for the eight-week Bible Study on the Book of Revelation are completed and available here. Comments are welcome- please let me know what you think.

Bible Study

I have started teaching a weekly adult Bible study on the Book of Revelation, and I thought I might as well put my research and study outlines on the web in case some one else may find them useful.  I will add outlines and other information as I write them, but you can always find the latest here.