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Science Quiz – Creationism vs. Evolution

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1.The theory of Evolution is not predicted in the Bible.
2. There are no considerable scientific problems with Darwin’s basic Theory of Evolution.
3. The ‘missing link’ in the evolutionary chain between humans and ape-like creatures has been found.
4. Old-earth theory is the only viable solution to the fossil record.
5. Radiocarbon dating is a valid method for dating organic and non-organic material to determine age.
6. By observing the motion of galaxies and stars, we can explain how the universe works and can understand gravity.
7. There are no serious scientific issues with the Big Bang Theory; it is established science that cannot be honestly disputed.
8. The age of the universe as billions of years old is proven to any rational-thinking person by the observation of comets.
9. Science is essentially free of political influence. That is, the scientific establishment will readily admit that long-standing theory is wrong when contrary evidence is presented.
10. We should believe what we see on the news, read in a newspaper or textbook, or see on the internet.

 Bonus Question (5 points)

Bonus: If you believe in Evolution, you will go to Hell.

Science Quiz – Answer Key & Discussion

  1. False
    In 2 Peter 3:3-7, the Apostle Peter seems to indicate that evolution and uniformitarianism (theory that changes in the earth have resulted from continuous and uniform processes that have remain unchanged).
    For more info: http://www.tccsa.tc/broadberry/evolution_in_the_bible.pdf
  2. False
    While Natural Selection appears to be quite established science, Evolution seems to be something altogether different. Even Darwin famously had his doubts about his own ‘grievously hypothetical’ theories. The big problem with evolution is known as the Cambrian Explosion.Evolutionary theory suggests that changes take place gradually over time. According to the information available, about 580 million years ago there were only very simple organisms composed of individual cells. The ‘explosion’ in the Cambrian period points to a period of time over 70-80 million years where evolution was jump-started and accelerated by orders of magnitude- generating life as diverse as what we see today.  According to evolutionary biology, this should be impossible. Darwin himself in 1859, discussed the Cambrian Explosion as a primary argument against his theory.The Journal Science admitted as much: “The grand puzzle of the Cambrian explosion surely must rank as one of the most important outstanding mysteries in evolutionary biology.” (Science, June 2013, pp. 1170-1171).
    For more info: http://www.evolutionnews.org/2013/06/as_darwins_doub073571.html 
  3. False
    “Lucy! You gotta lotta ‘spaining to do!”A ‘missing link’ is transitional fossil evidence- an example of a fossil that shows a distinct and obvious connection between one species and another. The missing link between ape-like creatures and humans has been discovered a number of times.  Each time, it is claimed that ‘this is it’.  Lucy was it for some time, until Ida came along in 2009. From Piltdown Man to Nebraska Man to Lucy to Ida the debate continues.
    For more info: just google ‘missing link’ and plan to spend a few hours reading.
  4. False
    There are actually a number of issues with Radioisotope dating. Fossils were actually formed during the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980. Rocks were dated to up to 2.8 million years old, when we know for a fact that they were created in 1980 (we watched it happen). Mount Etna erupted 2,100 years ago (historical written evidence), but rocks were dated to 28 million years.
    For more info: http://www.qccsa.org/the-end-of-long-age-radiometric-dating/
  5. False
    Radiocarbon dating is useful only for organic organisms. And it is based on a number of assumptions, perhaps the most important of which is the assumption that the amount of Carbon-14 has always been a constant. C14 dating, with assumptions, is considered valid to 50,000-60,000 years.
    For more info: http://www.nytimes.com/1990/05/31/us/errors-are-feared-in-carbon-dating.html and http://christiananswers.net/q-aig/aig-c007.html
  6. False
    Not even close. To explain why we see what we see in space, scientists have come up with the concept of Dark Matter and Dark Energy- things that cannot be seen or proven, but must exist in order for the universe to work the way we think it must. Both of these are hypothesized and it is currently believed that the universe is made up of 4.9% ordinary matter, 26.8% dark matter, and 68.3% dark energy.
    For more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_matter and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_energy
  7. False
    Aside from being a very funny TV show, the Big Bang has some very serious issues.  For starters, it violates the first law of thermodynamics (energy or matter can neither be created nor destroyed). Also, it has three specific issues known as the Horizon Problem, Flatness Problem, and the lack of Magnetic Monopoles.
    For more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Bang
  8. False
    Actually, this is kind of laughable as the opposite is true.  Comets should have died out years and years ago.  But still they exist, which is observable evidence that flies in the face of the concept of a universe that is billions of years old. Short-term comets are thought to come from the Kuiper Belt.  That kind of makes some sense.  But long-period comets (eccentric orbits that that are over 200 years) are another issue altogether. In order to explain them, science has hypothesized the ‘Oort’ cloud. As if that wasn’t enough, they further hypothesize a planet within the Oort cloud to explain all this.
    For more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oort_cloud
  9. False
  10. False
    Let’s be fair: most of the stuff we see is an honest attempt at presenting the truth as it is currently understood.  We have a tendency, however, to think that we are right and we refuse to hear contradictory evidence. Even when something may be presented to us as valid science, we must always remember that these were also was once considered accepted science:

    1. Spontaneous Generation
    2. Phrenology
    3. Canals on Mars
    4. Lamarckian evolution
  11. False
    I don’t think a person’s belief in the history of the universe matters in terms of whether you are saved in God’s eyes.  Intelligent Design, Day-Age Theory, Gap Theory or whatever other theories might be out there offering a compromise is between you and God.There are a few things to remember, however, that are critically important:

    1. Believe in God and His Son, Jesus.
    2. If the Bible says it, believe it.
    3. Know that today’s facts could very well be tomorrow’s silly ‘remember whens…’
    4. Science, ‘facts’, statistics, etc. can, are, have been, and will continue to be used to deceive.