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Revelation – Week Six

Chapters 14-16

“People and Events”

Week Six PDF

  • Chapter Fourteen
    • This chapter provides a stark contrast from chs 12&13. Here we see the Lamb (Christ) standing on Mt. Zion with 144,000 Christians. Many consider the 144,00 to be symbolic of all Christians.
    • Verse 7: ‘the hour of his judgment is come’. This is it…
    • Bablyon- Rome? USA? Revived Roman Empire? We will get more about Babylon in chs 17&18. For now, ancient Babylon was a large city founded around 3rd Century BC near present-day Baghdad, Iraq. Evil city founded by Nimrod.
    • Beginning in v14, we see the harvesting of the earth beginning with the righteous by the first angel (Jesus?).
    • The second angel harvest the ‘grapes’ and they are thrust into the winepress of God’s wrath.
    • 1,600 stadia is equal to roughly 185 miles. A horse’s bridle is about 4’ 10”. Is this symbolic? Literal? Either way, one heck of a lot of people will be killed.
    • Chapter Fifteen
      • Chapter Sixteen
        • Discussion


Next week:
“Babylon, The Wedding, Christ’s Return”
Chapters 17-19