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Revelation – Week Seven

Chapters 17-19

“Babylon, The Wedding, Christ’s Return”

Week Seven PDF

  • Chapter Seventeen
    • Chapters 17 and 18 deal with the judgment of Babylon.
    • We see John taken in the Spirit into the wilderness to witness the punishment of the great prostitute.
    • The harlot ‘sits on many waters’, indicating that her power reaches over the earth.
    • Her garments and colors (scarlet and purple) indicate wealth, luxury and royalty.
    • In v5, we see her name written on her forehead. In ancient Rome, prostitute wore a headband with their name on it.
    • v8: Refers to Antichrist’s false resurrection?
    • Book of Life: names written here before time began.
    • v9 may refer to Rome, the city of seven hills.  Ancient Romans were quite evil; they had religious orgies, worshipped emperors as gods, and killed Christians for pleasure.
    • v12: Various rulers of 10 districts of the world government under the Antichrist?
    • v16: Antichrist will turn on Babylon and destroy it. He will then take the power and glory and worship for himself.
    • Chapter Eighteen
      • Earth is illuminated with the angel’s glory. Contrast with Rev 16:10, the fifth bowl turned ‘the beast’s kingdom’ to darkness.
      • Christians are called to leave Babylon.
      • Note in v5 that God remembers the iniquities of Babylon; our iniquities are forgotten and are, in fact, they are moved as far as the east is from the west (Psalm103:12).
      •  vv6-7 echo Old Testament law. See Exodus 21:24.
      • Babylon’s fall will happen quickly:
        • v8: voice from heaven indicates ‘in one day’
        • v10: Kings of earth ‘in one hour’
        • v17: Merchants ‘in one hour’
        • v19: Sailors ‘in one hour’
          • Throwing dust on the head was an ancient expression of grief.
      • v21: angel throws a millstone into the sea and says, ‘Thus with violence the great city Babylon shall be thrown down, and shall not be found anymore.’
      • A millstone was a heavy, large stones used to grind grain.
      • Chapter Nineteen
        • Heaven praises God over Babylon’s destruction.
        • Hallelujah/Alleluia (meaning Praise the Lord) appears throughout the Old Testament, but only four times in the New Testament.  All four occurrences are in Revelation Chapter 19.
        • In v11-13, we see Christ’s return- the Second Coming!
        • Note the imagery, especially the sword from His mouth. Compare with description of Rev 1:12-16.
        • The beast and False Prophet are thrown alive into the lake of fire. Others are killed by Christ’s sword.
        • Compare Rev 19:11 with Rev 6:2.
        • Also note the two feasts in this chapter- v9 and v21.
        • Discussion
          • What nations/powers have existed that openly defied God? Which do currently? How do you think these compare to the end-times Babylon?
          •  Why do you think that the beast and False Prophet are mentioned being alive when they are thrown into the lake of fire?


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