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Revelation – Week five

Chapters 12-14

“People and Events”

Week Five PDF

  • Chapter Twelve
    • As before, we have a break in the action before the judgments.
    • Summary of ch 12: Satan is strong and fierce, but he has already been defeated by Christ.
    • We meet three characters: a woman, a Dragon and the woman’s Son.
      • Woman with 12 stars is Israel and its 12 tribes.
        • Four symbolic women in Rev: this woman, Jezebel (paganism), the whore (apostate church) and the bride of the Lamb (Christians)
    • Dragon is Satan
      • 1/3 of the stars are the fallen angels.
      • Note that Satan tries to kill Jesus: through Herod; at the Cross; and now at Armageddon.
    • Child is Jesus.
  • Note that the woman is taken to the wilderness for protection; likewise, Jesus was taken to the wilderness for protection against Herod. The ‘wilderness’ is a common place in Scripture for God’s people to find refuge, to reflect and renew. Probably the Jews will flee to Moab, Edom and Ammon- Daniel 11:41.
  • Verse 6: probably the middle of the tribulation period where the Anti-Christ will break his peace covenant with Israel – Daniel 9:27
  • Verse 7: Satan knows his time is short and will probably step up his attacks.
  • Chapter Thirteen
    • Anti-Christ (first beast)
      • In this v5, we are introduced to the Anti-Christ who is depicted as a beast out of the sea with seven heads and 10 horns. His horns have crowns and blasphemous names are on is heads. He works through the authority and power of the dragon (Satan). In Rev 11:7 he is mentioned as coming out of the abyss.
      • Crowns and horns represent sovereignty and power- Revived Roman Empire consisting of 10 countries? The final world-wide government? The ‘New World Order’?
      • He is given power for 42 months- the last half of tribulation.
      • He makes war with Christians and massacres them- v7
  • False Prophet (second beast)
    • In v11 we are introduced the second beast- the false prophet. He works through the authority and power of the 1st beast.
    • Institutes a mandatory state-sanctioned and state-sponsored religion, which is against God. He blasphemes God regularly.
    • He performs miracles that are very deceiving and awe-inspiring. In fact, the same phrasing is used to describe Jesus’ miracles in John 6:2.
    • Enforces economic sanctions against anyone who refuses to worship the beast and bear its mark of 666.
  • 666
    • The ‘number of a man’.
    • The unholy trinity, never reaching the perfection of the Holy Trinity-777?
    • This mark not have seemed strange to the readers of John’s time: Roman slaves and soldiers work marks, as did many believers of ancient religions.
    • In Hebrew, each letter had a corresponding number. The Greek words “Τὸ Μεγα Θηρίον” (to mega therion) mean “the great beast” add up to 666 using the numerical values of the ancient Greek letters.
    • Has been suggested that this corresponds to Emperor Nero (37-68 AD).
    • Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia is the fear of the number 666.
    • Chapter Fourteen
      • This chapter provides a stark contrast from chs 12&13. Here we see the Lamb (Christ) standing on Mt. Zion with 144,000 Christians. Many consider the 144,00 to be symbolic of all Christians.
      • Verse 7: ‘the hour of his judgment is come’. This is it…
      • Bablyon- Rome? USA? Revived Roman Empire? We will get more about Babylon in chs 17&18. For now, ancient Babylon was a large city founded around 3rd Century BC near present-day Baghdad, Iraq. Evil city founded by Nimrod.
      • Beginning in v14, we see the harvesting of the earth beginning with the righteous by the first angel (Jesus?).
      • The second angel harvest the ‘grapes’ and they are thrust into the winepress of God’s wrath.
      • 1,600 stadia is equal to roughly 185 miles. A horse’s bridle is about 4’ 10”. Is this symbolic? Literal? Either way, one heck of a lot of people will be killed.
      • Discussion
        • Satan knows he will lose. Why does he persist to tempt and kill God’s people?


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Chapters 15-16