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Kentucky Politics at its worst, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Jody Richards

Posted on July 9, 2007
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Jody, Jody, Jody… Are you still mad because you lost the Primary? Or do you hate Governor Fletcher so much that you are willing to gamble my children’s economic future just to try and help Steve Beshear win in November? Oh, maybe you think that Beshear’s let’s-put-casinos-everywhere policy will solve the economic development problem in Kentucky?

Gov. Fletcher recently called a special session for the Kentucky Legislature and Brave Sir Jody decided that was a good time to stand up and give a big speech about how taxpayer money was being wasted. Now, he decides he wants to save taxpayer dollars. Better late than never, I guess. Wonder if his newfound fiscal responsibility will last? I would lay down odds and take some bets, but Beshear isn’t quite in the Governor’s mansion just yet.

Instead of actually passing tax incentives for coal to liquid fuel plants, Richards said,

“… the House stands ready to make a letter commitment to provide appropriate incentives to any energy company which is ready to make a commitment to Kentucky.”

Well, Speaker Richards, Peabody isn’t ready to make a commitment, yet. They are looking to see what Kentucky will offer before they decide where to move. Instead, you want them to make a commitment and then assume you will follow through? How, sir, did you get elected? You were on the House floor just the other day. If you stand so ready to commit– then why didn’t you do it then?

Richards also said,

“… would not be feasible to build without securing enormous federal incentives that the U.S. Senate has decisively rejected…”

I guess it doesn’t matter to Jody Richards that, according the Lexington Herald-Leader,

“… Peabody said the company’s decision where to build the plant does not depend on federal incentives.”

Richards also blasted the Governor by saying that,

“… I was shocked to see that the energy issue had been relegated to a mere two inches of a five page proclamation call.”

Didn’t Fletcher say, according to Louisville Courier-Journal, that,

“If there are items you feel are political and not good policy for the commonwealth, please let me know what they are, and I will discuss the elimination of those from the call”

Speaker Richards, maybe Bowling Green doesn’t need any economic development. And I applaud that wonderful city for that. Over here in Appalachia, in Breathitt County, we’d kinda like to have a coal-to-liquid-fuel facility. We could use the jobs. I’d certainly rather have those jobs here than a bunch of casinos.

But what do I know. I’m no politician, just a person with some common sense.