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Ahhhh… Finally some time to blog!

Posted on March 14, 2007
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Been soooooooo busy lately. A good friend of mine asked me to produce his second independent film. Not knowing what a producer does, I said, ‘Sure man.‘ Wow, producers do a hell of alot of work!

Somehow, I am also leading a six person group to start a community theater. That means, acting in two plays, directing one, and getting all the logistics in order for the performance.

Then, I spend six hours a week teaching folks how to use a computer. Fun, but hectic.

The kids require a fair amount of time. And that lady that lives with me (I think her name is ‘wife’); I try to spend some time with her on occasion.

Oh, and of course we have a governor’s race brewing here in Kentucky. And I just gotta get involved with that. Life just isn’t fun if you can’t ruffle some feathers on occasion!

Yea, there’s also that new business that I’m starting with a couple of partners. Hmmm. That takes a bit of time, as well.

In the process of writing and recording some songs in my hodge-podge of a home studio.

Of course, I also had to politic my way onto an appointment for the local Industrial Authority. yet another thing that takes time but helps neither the ever-thinning bank account or the ever-growing waist line.

Oh yea, I almost forgot that thing I do for a living: computer programming. Working on two contracts and trying to win a third. Not sure how smart that is as I am a one-person company.

Dieting is still very important to me, but I haven’t been as diligent as of late. I did sign up for a local softball league (yet another thing to take up my free time), so maybe that will help me lose some weight. Weighed in this past Monday at 235.2 lbs. Not bad, I’m kind of holding steady.

It’s kind of sad to say this, but knowing that I won’t buy myself that too-sweet Carvin guitar and Marshall amp until I reach 175 lbs is the biggest thing keeping me in line.