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Feeling very discouraged

Posted on February 3, 2007
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Today was pretty good.  For the diet, anyway.

Had a Slim-Fast for breakfast and went out to dinner with the in-laws at a great local steakhouse.  Did alright at the meal, considering the fact that I really wasn’t trying very hard to stick with the diet…  I’ve tried before going cold-turrkey with food and it never works.  Gotta let your hair down on occasion, as they say.  I know, I know, my ‘hair’ has been let down twice this week.  But that’s OK.

The frustration and discouragement comes at me from two sources.  First, the kids are driving me freakin’ crazy today.  My daughter (she’s three) seems to defy my wife and me every chance she gets, and it’s getting old.  Quick.

Second, and by orders of magnitude for infuriating, is this damn house we bought a year and a half ago.  It’s 10 years old and we’ve already replaced just about every damn thing in the place (that includes the flooring).  The heat (after I don’t know how many repair visits) still does not work properly.  The vents blow out as much cool air as warm.  Of course, the folks that send us our monthly gas bill have no idea, and probably could not care less that our furnace is a piece of junk.  Aside from that, my son (he’s two) decided that– for some unkown reason– it would be great fun to flush something big and solid down the upstairs toilet.  Dunno what exactly it was, but we’re pretty sure it didn’t come from any sort of processed food, and it’s most likely made out of plastic.  Oh, joy.

So, tomorrow after church I guess we’ll be moving in with the in-laws for a few days until all this mess is somehow straightened out with this money pit that we pay taxes on, pay a monthly mortgage for, pay insurance for, pay unknown numbers of repair people to try and fix, and try to live in, fixed.  Fixed, or at least an approximate semblance thereof.  Now, I love my in-laws dearly, but that doesn’t mean I wanna go live with them while the house is worked on.  For the third time in 18 months.

So, my diet is not very high on my list of priorities this evening.